Tampa Announces Redevelopment of Perry Harvey Sr. Park

brobowlPerry Harvey Sr. Park is located in downtown Tampa. The name is given in memory of one of the most famous civil rights activists of Tampa.

The Perry Harvey Sr. Park redevelopment project estimates costs around $7 million. The costs would be utilized for the first phase, which includes the relocation of the Bro Bowl skate park, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The project costs are estimated to be $6.948 million, pursuant to the contract with Cutler Associates Inc. Out of the total costs, two-thirds is acquired from local Community Investment Tax; $500,000 is contributed by federal Community Development Block Grant program; $100,000 contributed by the National Endowment for the Arts, and $2 million contributed by the Tampa Housing Authority’s federal Choice Neighborhoods grant.

Encore is a 40+ acre mixed-use redevelopment area in Downtown Tampa. The funds for the Encore project were received from Choice Neighborhoods and others. Both Perry Harvey Sr. Park and Encore feature a musical theme, signifying the importance of music prevalent in 1960s.

The redevelopment project includes building a statue of Harvey and tributes to other leaders of the city’s black community. The park will feature the Bro Bowl skateboard facility at the park’s north end, between Scott Street and Interstate 4. The previous skateboard facility will be scanned with lasers, as a part of the relocation process, in order to perfectly recreate the skateboard facility.