Tampa Issues Record Breaking 2 Billion in Permits

construction permitsIt’s been an exciting past 12 months in Tampa for construction. Building permits have passed more than $2 billion in projects. According to city officials, that’s a record high passing $1.8 billion in permits issued in 2007.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said the numbers were encouraging not surprising. The city knew that building permits were steadily increasing and it is essentially what Buckhorn was elected on. By his view, we are accelerating out of the recession and building a stable base for the next generation of citizens.

In total number of permits issued for the year ending in September 2014 was 34,5000, which is just below the 39,066 issued in 2007. Regardless, Buckhorn says the the trend in both number and value shows that Tampa is recovering well and the pace of growth is increasing. He’s convinced the permitting changes he’s made to City Hall is incredibly more efficient and user-friendly.

Mayor Buckhorn campaigned on “economic competitiveness” and created a committee of builders, developers, engineers, lawyers, a City Council member and neighborhood representatives. It looks like his plan to “change the city’s economic DNA” is paying off.

Tampa’s building permits by year and their value of construction:

2007 — 39,066 ($1,778,894,117)

2008 — 32,197 ($1,336,044,003)

2009 — 25,251 ($575,959,094)

2010 — 25,386 ($896,533,434)

2011 — 26,589 ($1,020,653,057)

2012 — 29,261 ($1,376,225,110)

2013 — 32,011 ($1,336,635,198)

2014 — 34,500 ($2,031,321,544)